Haku Namah Tantra is a science-friendly Indian skincare brand. We harness science and Sanskrit wisdom to create products that are mild and sublime. Our utmost belief is this, India has lots to offer in the mind-body realm.

Our Purpose

We want to promote inner healing with Indian-born values: Sensible, empathetic, and always getting the job done! Much like the Koreans who value their culture and deeply cultural skincare, we want to promote aesthetic merit, the Indian way 🇮🇳

Our Products

We make sober high-integrity formulas. Our brand is vegan, cruelty-free and strikes a balance between science and wisdom.

Our Promise

As a brand, we take pride in making products for individuals and not for markets. Every one of our products will uphold this value. We promise to keep bringing high-value products with star-quality ingredients. We thank you for your curiosity and invite you to share feedback and ideas to keep us inspired!